Bitcoin Roulette: Background And Strategies

Singapore, Macau, and other parts of Southeast Asia have a rapidly growing casino industry. Because of this, many people are eyeing the potential of Bitcoin as a payment method and as part of the roulette gameplay. Bitcoin roulette is now being considered as one of the most revolutionary online casino games.


The Rise of Roulette

The game has been played since it was launched in Paris and other parts of Europe. Now, there are many variations of the game and some of them were infused with modern technology. You can encounter European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, and there is something that’s ahead of its time: the Bitcoin roulette.

The infusion of Blockchain technology in online casinos gave entry to Bitcoin roulette. It’s a digital Roulette that can be played in online casino operators where the cashouts and withdrawals are in the form of Bitcoins, a revolutionary Cryptocurrency. The transactions, including your Bitcoin winnings, are decentralized and free of taxes. The practice of gambling will only occur between you and the casino operator, no governments or financial institutions to disrupt you from placing a bet. On top of that, you can experience anonymous betting, fast withdrawal and deposits, and free transactions.

Tips For Playing Bitcoin Roulette

If you want to feel the thrill of Bitcoin online roulette and its spinning wheel, visit a reliable online casino where you can wager your Bitcoins with. But before actually placing a bet, follow these tips on how to beat the odds!

Try Some Betting Systems

It is known that gambling is a game of chance, or luck if you always rely on your superstitious feeling. A betting system or strategy is a structured approach to gambling, the main goal is to shift the advantage from the house edge to the player. A system will help you manage the budget you allocated for Roulette betting since the amount of bet you will be placing each round will depend on the percentage of your money and the result of your previous bets. You can try the Martingale, Paroli, or Progressive betting. But choose one that can make your bankroll lasts, a system that decreases the amount you bet as your bankroll decreases or vice versa.

Choose European Over American

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play with American Roulette ever, you only have to avoid it if you want to win fortune. If the European version of Bitcoin roulette is available in the online casino you’ve chosen, play it. This version has a better odds than the American because it doesn’t have the second green pocket marked 00, giving the house edge a slight disadvantage.

Confirm The Existence of the Random Number Generator
An RNG is, of course, a system that provides random numbers in Bitcoin online roulette results. Make sure that the casino you’ve chosen disclosed this information since it’s a proof of legitimacy and fairness. You will know that the operator doesn’t have a control over the results of your winnings or losses, everything is random, you’re not being cheated.