Bitcoin Dice: History, Gameplay, Mechanics

Singapore and its gambling dens are one of the most popular tourist destinations for gamblers. But what’s the most popular place to go into if you’re an online gambler? The most popular “game of chance” you can find in all variants of online casino games is Bitcoin dice. The online version of the well-loved casino game allows gamblers to roll virtual dice, and it’s completely the same as the standard dice with six sides and shaped like a cube. So what are you waiting for? Get to know the game and start betting now!

The Unparalleled Popularity of Bitcoin Dice

The original and traditional dice game was invented by the ancient Greeks and Romans. One of the oldest known dice games were part of the popular game at the Burnt City. Many say that it was like the popular Backgammon game, also one of the oldest board games in history.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin online dice games was first invented by SatoshiDICE, one of the first Bitcoin casinos online. This dice game has features of different combinations as compared to the six numbers featured on a regular dice game. They are usually given at around 1-2%. These are major factors that drew attention to Bitcoin betting, which then gave birth to Bitcoin casino gaming sites. Another good thing about these Bitcoin dice games? They have a low house-edge!

Gameplay and Mechanics


The first step is very easy. You just have to choose your desired number from the range. The numbers can go from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Remember that not all dice games follow the same range, so find one that suits your preference before you start betting.


If you finally have a lucky number, it’s time to place your bet. Choose the amount of bet you want to wager for the round, take note of the minimum and maximum limits. Seal your bet and choose whether the round would go for Roll Hi or Roll Lo. If you think the result of the dice is higher than the chance or the lucky number you selected, choose Roll Hi. On the other hand, if you think that the corresponding result will go lower than your lucky number, choose Roll Lo.


This part is the most important part. It might probably trigger your anxiety! The dice will be rolled to reveal the lucky number. Wait for the result. If you successfully guessed the result, your winnings will go straight to your funds.