Advantages of Curtains in Singapore

A curtain is basically a single piece of cloth material that is pulled together from both the ends to cover a window area. They serve a lot of purposes: they block sunlight and they give you privacy. Most of all they add to the style of your room.

Traditionally, rooms and window areas are treated to three different types of curtains. These are the sash curtain, a draw curtain, and a drapery. The sash curtain is used to filter the light while the draw curtain is utilized to completely block out the light. Drapery, on the other hand, serves as a decoration. This type of set-up can be usually seen in formal rooms and dressy homes.

Nowadays, most enclosed spaces only use the sash curtain and drapery. Sometimes, to add design and style, they use draperies to accentuate corners. Condominiums and homes in Singapore also utilize curtains in their interior designs. Most of them, use it functionally and at the same time beautifully.

In choosing curtains for your design, you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using them in your homes. Let us check out some of the advantages of using curtains:

Curtains are stylish. Most people prefer to use curtains instead of other fixtures with the same effect such as window blinds because they are stylish and easier to design. Curtains are used to accentuate monotonous backdrop. They add sense of personality to your home and at the same time they convey emotions. Curtains make their homes cheery and festive. On the other hand, a poor use of curtain can make your home gloomy and sad. Always remember, the effective use of curtains can make or break your interior design.

Curtains can be modified into a variety of desired designs. Aside from being stylish on its own, a lot of curtains can be modified into your preferred style of use or functionality. Furthermore, there are a lot of embellishments and decorations that can be added to the curtain to make it look more beautiful. For instance, a variety of drapes free-flowing with your curtains can up the ante of your interior design.

They are relatively easier to clean. Compared to window blinds, curtains are easier to clean and maintain as it is a single cloth only. In Singapore, there are a lot of curtain cleaning services which specializes in cleaning and maintaining curtains and other similar home fixtures. They are experts in these types of cleaning services and they know what to do to keep your curtains in the best shape. Just inquire over these shops to know the services they can render.

Curtains are inexpensive compared to blinds. If you prefer value for money, you may want to choose curtains over window blinds. There are expensive ones, but most of the time, curtains are cheaper than blinds because they are easier to manufacture. Further, a lot of hard blinds need special manufacturing which makes them even more expensive.