A Noob’s Guide To CSGO Betting

CSGO betting is a luxurious activity anyone can participate in if they have the money and the guts. This particular business is continuously getting popular in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. So if you want to participate in this market and earn money in return, make sure to follow our CSGO betting guide:


Be A CSGO/Esports Enthusiast

90% of CSGO bettors online is a fan of the game, as well as the corresponding tournaments. These are gamers-turned-bettors. So if you want to join their army and have a successful betting experience in the long-run, be a CSGO enthusiast and the study its gameplay, characters, and maps. You would know what’s happening every match, and you can make accurate CSGO match betting predictions along the way.

Follow Roster Changes Before Every Match

CSGO sees players and tournaments from around the world. It features top-tier players from around the world competing for titles, fame, and massive prize pools. But there are ups and downs along the ways, and the best teams may not always be the best if they don’t have the top players in their line-up. essentially being no break from competitive play, teams, players, and organizations are always exhausted. The top players from each team may take a break for a while, or the least-performing players may get benched by the organization. To have a grip on your CSGO betting predictions, make sure you know who goes in and out of the group.

Watch The Previous and Current Matches

It’s important to keep track of the matches you’ve betting on, so you’ll know what’s actually happening and you can prepare yourself to odds shift, and possible reflect on your current CSGO predictions. The best way to do that is to watch the previous matches of the teams competing or participating in the match you want to bet on. Afterward, watch the actual competition. You can watch live matches on Major League Gaming (MLG), Twitch, and YouTube. You need to see the match for yourself to see if what’s happening is in favor of the team you’re betting on.

Also Learn The Tournament Format

There are multiple CSGO tournaments in one competitive season. So you have lots of CSGO match betting opportunities. Given that, there are also different tournament formats for each of them. Take ESL ONE: Cologne, Dreamhack Masters International, World Electronic Sports Games, and Starseries & i-League for examples.