6 Favorite Singapore Italian Food and Dishes

You don’t need to travel to Italy to have a taste of their famous dishes. Those one of a kind Italian dishes are here to stay. Here are the top Singapore Italian food and dishes that are selling like hotcakes among the locals.

  1. Gelato. This Italian ice cream is very popular because of its flavourful and distinct taste. Gelato is made from milk, cream, and sugar topped with different fruits, chocolates, and sprinkles. Gelato differs from ice cream in their components. Ice cream is made up of water that is mixed with flavourings. The ice cream crystals should be small. Gelato, on the other hand, uses more cream than milk. The legal make up of gelato in Italy must have 3.5% butterfat. When ordering at the gelateria, make sure to get and request for “fiordilatte” which meant the best and creamy part. Milk? Yes. Lots of it.
  2. Napoletana Pizza. This type of pizza is very famous in Italy but is making a wave in the restaurants in Singapore. It is made of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The ancient napoletana pizza is composed of the original neopolitan dough, neopolitan and brewer’s yeast, salt, and water. Pizza Margherita is an example of a napoletana pizza. The taste is very traditional and simple but the taste will somewhat bring you to heavens with the Roman Gods.
  3. Pasta. Italians have made hundreds and different types of pasta in all forms shapes and sizes from mixing dough, water, and eggs. According to the International Pasta Organization, Italians eat an average of 600 million pastas enough to wrap around the planet 15,000 times. Italians prefer serving fresh tomato sauce and creams for their pastas.
  4. Wines. Although Italy is not the wine capital in the world, we often associate wines with pasta and pizza. It has been a practice in every Italian themed restaurants to have a bar or winery area inside. Italy has two varieties of wine namely Bianco and Rosso. Bianco wines are neutral flavoured wines that originated from the Abruzzo Region in Italy. It is called Bianco because it is usually white in colour and its natural taste. Rosso wines or Rose wine is a lush and sweet wine, which originated from the area of Basilicata.
  5. Tiramisu. Well, this one sounds like a cool Japanese or Singaporean term but Tiramisu is Italy’s famous dessert. If you want to get your daily dose of coffee and your daily dose of sweets, the best of both worlds is in Tiramisu. It is made from biscuits, cakes or soft bread mixed with coffee and cream.
  6. Baguette. It is a long and thin loaf of bread that can be usually seen in Italian or French movies. Kidding aside, baguette came from the word baguette magique which means magic wand because it is long enough to look like a wand. People prefer artisan baguettes over the regular because of its pre-fermented composition, which make it more edible – crunchy on the outside but gooey in the middle.