6 Eyewear Trends for 2017 That We Need To Know Now

Almost all the entire population of women in the world will agree that being fashionable and stylish will give them the edge from anybody else. As long as they have the budget, they will give their all-out time and effort just to keep in trend with the latest on the fashion scene.

Being a woman of style, we should not only focus on the dress, shirt, blouses, skirts and shoes alone because accessories such as eyeglasses and sunglasses do matter a lot on our overall appearance. As they always say, the eyes are the windows to our soul and by complementing it with the perfect glasses is the best way to nail your look.

As we welcome the winter season and the year 2017, there will be again the “what’s hot” and “what’s not” in the fashion industry for this particular time. Let us specifically focus on the incoming qualities of what we need to buy or wear often this New Year as we give the six eyewear trends for 2017 that we need to know now before anybody else.

1.)        Tinted Sunglasses – Making a major comeback on the vogue list are the orange and yellow glasses which ruled the scene during the 70’s. This retro item resurgence shouldn’t come as a surprise because there are still a lot of enthusiasts who are very much into the good-taste-meets-bad-taste personality that depicted this decade. If we have some 70’s tinted lenses, all we need to buy is a spectacle frame in Singapore, New York, and Paris on any parts of the world then reattach it using an adhesive to create a customized tinted eyewear.

2.)        Clear and White Eyeglasses – It will be “in” as early as December but will continue to trend till the New Year. The simple yet sophisticated design of the clear frame will make it as one of the popular styles for 2017. If our face has a square shape, a clear stylish Porsche design sunglasses frame is the recommended choice.

eye trendy porsche design sunglasses

3.)        Oversized Sunglasses – We will never be outdated if we are wearing this quite humongous eyewear because nowadays, it is rare to find a person who uses a small pair of sunglasses for their daily use.

4.)        Gold Metal Wireframe Eyeglasses – By wearing gold, just like black, we can never go wrong. Wearing this straight to the point glasses exudes elegance for both men and women whom they can use for any occasions and locations.

5.)        Matching the colour of the eyewear to the outfit – By matching their outfit of the day or OOTD to their sunglasses is now as important as possible. For example, if we are wearing black shoes on a black dress, sporting a chic black aviator glasses will give it a graceful effect.

6.)        Hipster Glasses – This cool eyewear in square frames are the biggest trend of 2016 that will continue to be a craze for 2017. These are generally worn by people who are creative and stylish at the same time.

Once we have our favourite eyewear style among the list, what matters most at the end of the day is that we are comfortable and satisfied with the choice we made without compromising other essential factors.