5 Useful Apps that You Should Use in Singapore

Are you travelling to Singapore or are you planning to stay there for a while?

Well, in this techy age, we have also improved our ways by which we can connect to a place, the people and their culture. It’s like living in a country as if you were a native in that country.

And the tool that can help you surviving and thriving in a new country, like Singapore, is with the use of your fingertips. Not really your fingertips, but also with the use of your touch enabled devices such as the tablet or your smart phone, and you can access them in your respective operating systems’ stores. What’s the best thing about it? It is free!

All of the apps that will be mentioned in this article are free in their respective stores. Now you can sail through Singapore without ever worrying where to go or even where to eat. See, technology is even working in our favour!

Here’s the list of the must-have apps for your Singapore trip or exploration!

  1. Whereto.sg


Are you lost? You won’t ever get lost with this app which helps you navigate through Singapore. This handy map tool helps you with the nearest stores which will prove essential especially if you need to know the nearest pharmacy and hospital or ATMs from your hotel.


  1. SG Buses

If you’re commuting through the buses, it would be helpful to have a bus guide to know the   routes, bus stops and the time of boarding. Now, you can download it in your phone so you       don’t have to bring along the guide.

  1. GrabTaxi Singapore

The amazing app helps you get a cab so that you won’t have to wait to hail a cab. The app detects the location of the requester and send the signal to the nearest cab which has no customer. The app is still in beta in Singapore but the app is looking really positively accepted by the Singaporean Commuters.

  1. iChangi

If you’re interested in getting the latest flight information from Singapore’s airport, you must definitely download the iChangi app. This is helpful if you have people coming over Singapore so you could keep track of their flight schedules.

  1. HungryGoWhere

If you’re starving and looking for the best tasting places in SG, HungryGoWhere is the best app for that! The app rates the reviews of the customers of each restaurant and helps you decide on what food to eat based on recommendations.

Additional Fun App:



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Feature Photo Source: Yutaka Tsutano @ Flickr