4 Tips to Consider Before You Send Flowers for Every Occasion

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If you’ll be needing a perfect gift for almost any occasion, a flower and bouquet is probably the best choice you have. You can give it to celebrate a birth or a wedding or to show your care for a sick person or to offer respect to a funeral service.

Flowers can also be a great way to show your affection to someone. This is why most men use them as a token of their love; women can also give flowers to show her support to the special man in her life.

Whether you opt to buy flowers online or from a Singapore florist shop, give some time to think about its colour and variety. You can also consider the symbolism, decor, occasion, and the receiver’s personal taste.

If someone gave you a bouquet of flowers, treat it like how you do to any other gift. And to show your appreciation, why not send a thank you note.

  1. Birthday Bouquet

You can never go wrong with a thoughtful floral arrangement as a birthday gift. Any flower will do such as orchids, roses, and carnations.

If the flower is for a friend, a good choice is a daisy because it means modesty and innocence. You can also choose the one that represents your relationship with the other person. But the best choice probably is the recipient’s favourite flower.

  1. Special Occasion Flowers

A colourful way to celebrate any event is through flowers. Almost all of the flowers can be used, but you can make it even more special by considering the symbolism of every variety.

To celebrate a new career, why not look for something different like amaryllis that means acknowledgment and encouragement.

If you are want something that depicts or symbolises uniqueness, change, or excitement, then opt for a bouquet of dahlias mixed with other flowers.

But, if you need to apologise to someone, a good token of your intention is the daisy. Daffodil, on the other hand, represents forgiveness and sincerity.

  1. Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers. It’s a known tradition all over the world. Giving flowers to the one you love is a common practice. Carnation is a flower given to symbolise chaste and pure love. Chrysanthemum or red rose speaks of all types of love. And for young love, a primrose is the appropriate gift.

Since love is felt from the heart and blood comes from it, red has become the most common colour of flowers for this event, even cheap florist delivery in Singapore knows about this symbolism.

Rose is still the most popular flower for this occasion. In case, you’ll be giving it as a symbol of your love, choose red; if admiration, go for pink; and yellow rose for friendship.

  1. Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

If you’re ordering a floral arrangement for a funeral service, always consult the family of the deceased, ask them whether they prefer a charitable donation or flowers. If the latter is their response, look for something that can be appropriately viewed as this gathering or something that can be placed later on the grave. Whatever type of floral arrangement you offer, don’t forget to include a short sympathy card.

According to flower delivery Singapore cheap baskets with lilies and hydrangeas offer a good presentation for funerals.