4 Custom Made Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Corporate gifts are great morale boosters especially to your employees. More often than not, these gifts will also improve their level of loyalty. However, not just because you have given them something, you can expect them to suddenly follow your every command like good pups. The moment you give the wrong kind of gift (like giving a candy gift basket to a diabetic employee), something lazy (cash is never a good gift), or something boring (pens again?), expect your employees lose their morale and productivity. Also, expect them to be exploring their options since you have just lost their loyalty.


Pens, mugs, shirts, and baseball caps are great and practical custom made gifts, but they are so 20th century. In order to hook your employees in, you need to give them something relevant for their everyday lives yet thoughtful at the same time. Go give away your pens and mugs at seminars and conventions. Here are some great custom made gifts that your employees will surely appreciate and cherish.



Not only is it practical and useful, but think of the limitless customizable design possibilities. There are literally infinite ways on how you can incorporate your logo on the memory stick’s body. In today’s digital world, an extra portable storage device is a welcome gift. Couple that with an unforgettable design with your logo on it, your employees will know you’re a hip boss in tune with the modern times.


Gel Mousepads

Most modern mice today have powerful infrared sensors that enable them to be usable on any flat surface. You might think your employees are fine with hovering their mice on their cubicle’s faux wooden surface but in reality, they’re really uncomfortable by now. A thoughtful fix for this dilemma is giving them custom gel mousepads so their wrists can also catch a break. You can stamp on your logo anywhere so they will see everyday that their company cares for their well-being.


Motivational Items

You can paste on motivational quotes on anything; may it be posters, staplers, paperweights, etc. Motivational items can be used to inspire, praise, encourage, and thank your employees. These kinds of gifts also show your appreciation and in turn, they will reciprocate with loyalty and better effort. When the going gets tough, it’s good for an employee to know that his boss got his back.


Custom-made Gift Baskets

Many mishaps can happen with gift baskets. Give someone the wrong or tasteless gift and you’ve just lost a loyal employee. However, if done correctly, custom made gift baskets can be a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Firstly, a little research wouldn’t hurt anybody. Keep in mind their medical conditions, known allergies, family situations, diets, and personalities. Know which kinds of gifts would be appropriate with factors at play. Once they receive their unique gift baskets, they will appreciate you taking the time to think about which gifts are suitable for each and every one of them. Wouldn’t it be nice hearing your employees say that you’re the best boss ever?