6 Signature Singaporean Food

Nothing says Singapore like a good food trip to fill the stomach. Once you’ve tried Singapore, you must certainly try their cuisine and taste a little of what Singapore has to offer.

Here’s a list of dishes that foreigners have liked a lot and shouts authentic Singapore:


1. Hainanese Chicken Rice

The staple food of every Singaporean restaurant ever, Chicken Rice would be Singapore’s national dish because it simply equates to Singapore. Some people might find the pale chicken quite not appetizing but you might be surprised if you add a dash of your selected sauce, ginger, chili-lime or garlic-soy. These sauces add to the herbed flavour of the Singaporean comfort food.

2. Bak Kut Teh

The famous Singaporean soup literally translates to “Pork Rib Tea” . The pork ribs are boiled to perfection until the soup is flavourful . The dish is packed with flavour and herbal aroma which is very similar to a tea.

There are two types of Bak Kit Teh, one which uses the soy sauce to add taste -this is called the Hokkien version, while the other version uses salt and pepper to taste, it is called Teochew version.

This dish is best served with a warm cup of rice and best eaten on a rainy day.

3. Fish Head Curry

The giant fish head is cooked in hot and spicy curry creating a depth of flavour to the sea food. It is best paired with white rice to equalize the spiciness of the dish.

4. Laksa

The coconut curry soup is one of the best Singaporean dishes to date. It is also composed of rice noodles, shrimp and some fish cake. Another treat for the rainy day. Some people might find the taste too oily because of the coconut which is why some add chili to it.

5. Char Kway Teow

This noodle which is stir-fried is very fatty evidenced by the use of pork lard and all oily pieces of food. But this is one of my Singaporean signature foods that should be experienced once in a while.

It is composed of flat noodles and a generous serving of soy sauce. Some includes Chinese Sausage, prawns, cockles and some fried fish cake. Don’t forget to add some chili to heighten the taste.

6. Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake or more appropriately called Radish Cake is a traditional Chinese food but what separates this from the Singaporean one is the execution. Traditional Carrot cake is fried but Singaporeans have taken a notch higher and produced tasty ways to eat the Radish Cake. They had even similarly considered it as tofu and mixed with it eggs, garlic and some onions. Yum!


Feature Image Source: MegaWatts86 @ Flickr