5 Useful Apps that You Should Use in Singapore

Are you travelling to Singapore or are you planning to stay there for a while? Well, in this techy age, we have also improved our ways by which we can connect to a place, the people and

8 Things About Singapore Gaming Industry

1.  The Media Development Authority of Singapore had plans of granting S$14.6 million three-year fund to Game+ Program in 2010. Game+ Program is a government initiative aiming towards breaking through the international gaming scene via providing financial

Top 3 Singapore Extreme Sports

Singaporeans are naturally inclined on engaging in active lifestyle activities and it has become evident with the abundance of sports and recreational facilities available for everyone’s use – both local and foreign. The locals, in general, participate

Marina Bay Sands Architecture

No one would ever be able to avoid the beauty looming near about the Merlion statue. The weirdly-designed building with three towers and a big boat at the top asks for any visitor’s attention. It is simply

Peranakan Cuisine

A Malay word that means “locally born”, Peranakan is a unique culture that historically dates back from the 15th and 16th centuries – the years when many traders from the southern regions of China immigrated to Singapore

6 Signature Singaporean Food

Nothing says Singapore like a good food trip to fill the stomach. Once you’ve tried Singapore, you must certainly try their cuisine and taste a little of what Singapore has to offer. Here’s a list of dishes

Singapore Essential Guide

Planning a trip to Singapore? Here’s a list that you should take note of before you pack your bags and take your flight to the Little Red Dot, or the home of the Merlion. Entry Requirements Citizens

The Industrial and Environmental Turnkey of ASSE Technologies

As centuries pass, our environment becomes more polluted. Various industries conduct hazardous activities like mining and quarrying that gradually affects our ecosystem. These activities were being commissioned by several multinational companies that operate on large scales. Hence,

Advantages of International School Education

Schooling is an almost universally accepted factor for social mobility and professional advantage. Anywhere in the world today, those with the best education are often times those who succeed most. And while there are exceptions like people

Considerations When Getting Family Portrait

Many families wanted to have family portrait so they can frame it and hang it on their walls while some would like to use the photo for the cards they will send to their relatives and friends

4 Smart Tips to Save Money on Your Dental Supplies

A dental practice is a business in itself. You need to manage your expenses and monitor how your office spends its budget. Among items that you routinely purchase are your dental supplies. If you’ll take a look

Hiring the Best Carpentry Contractors Singapore and Building a Happy Home

Aside from a wardrobe full of designer clothes, a stacked bank account in Cayman Islands, a fleet of sports cars imported from Italy and Germany as well as a treasure trove full of precious jewellery that shine

Effective Tips on Choosing a Printing Company

Even if digital marketing has become popular because of the modern technology, there are still a lot of businesses and companies that uses the traditional printed marketing materials. These materials might be traditional but they are still

Reasons to Buy Flowers Online

Shopping for anything especially for flowers and gifts is easier if you do it online. It is great that almost all flower shops nowadays give their customers the capability to purchase items from their websites. If you

The Organic Dilemma

Food security is a global concern. A complicated one at that. Although the issue is commonly associated with health related concerns, the problems is apparently an intricate problem from food production to distribution and therefore involves availability

Vintage Fashion Items Buying Guide

Buying vintage clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories have a lot of advantages. You can own designer items for cheaper prices and you can also get items that are rare finds. Great thing is that there are a

Tips to Find the Best Flower Shop in Manila

If you are a type of person who loves sending gifts and flowers to the people who are special in your life, then it will be helpful for you if you know a one-stop flower shop where