5 Useful Apps that You Should Use in Singapore

Are you travelling to Singapore or are you planning to stay there for a while? Well, in this techy age, we have also improved our ways by which we can connect to a place, the people and

8 Things About Singapore Gaming Industry

1.  The Media Development Authority of Singapore had plans of granting S$14.6 million three-year fund to Game+ Program in 2010. Game+ Program is a government initiative aiming towards breaking through the international gaming scene via providing financial

Top 3 Singapore Extreme Sports

Singaporeans are naturally inclined on engaging in active lifestyle activities and it has become evident with the abundance of sports and recreational facilities available for everyone’s use – both local and foreign. The locals, in general, participate

Marina Bay Sands Architecture

No one would ever be able to avoid the beauty looming near about the Merlion statue. The weirdly-designed building with three towers and a big boat at the top asks for any visitor’s attention. It is simply

Peranakan Cuisine

A Malay word that means “locally born”, Peranakan is a unique culture that historically dates back from the 15th and 16th centuries – the years when many traders from the southern regions of China immigrated to Singapore

6 Signature Singaporean Food

Nothing says Singapore like a good food trip to fill the stomach. Once you’ve tried Singapore, you must certainly try their cuisine and taste a little of what Singapore has to offer. Here’s a list of dishes

Singapore Essential Guide

Planning a trip to Singapore? Here’s a list that you should take note of before you pack your bags and take your flight to the Little Red Dot, or the home of the Merlion. Entry Requirements Citizens

Planning to Put Up a Tuition Centres in Singapore? We’ve Got You Covered!

Taking pride as one of the most progressive nations in Asia, Singapore is such a tiny state but with a huge amount of success when it comes to their booming economy, efficient government and public transportation among

Types of LED Lights in SIngapore

  With this scenario, aside from its contribution to climate change, the increase in electricity consumption entails increased cost of living. This might not be good for businesses that are dependent on electricity like malls, hotels, restaurants,

The World of Web Designers

One of the most interesting professions today is being a web designer. With everyone seemingly glued to the world wide web, day after day, it is no wonder that more websites are created to cater to a

What Crane Owners Need to Know

As huge and as grand as the crane itself, its immeasurable importance in the construction business, as well as other commercial and industrial areas like container shipping by sea, can never be undermined. “Cranes play an integral

Professional Home Massage Services

Despite the almost common knowledge that “stress kills”, people cannot seem to prevent much less avoid stress from striking.  Bit of course, stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to assaults of work and worrying and

Ride a Bicycle for a Better Future

Wise men swear to the belief and idea that the children are the hope of the next generations to come and that is why they should be taught well and guided accordingly at an early age so

Spotting An Authentic Japanese Restaurant

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants nowadays and they are almost everywhere but the challenge is identifying an authentic Japanese restaurant, there are some restaurants who would have raw fish and glutinous rice wrapped in a

How to Get High Grades in School

Some young people out there are spoiled brats who think that they can get away with all of their wild antics and crazy schemes and that is why they do not have that sense of accountability and

Effective Tips To Koi Pond Maintenance

There are some of us who have discovered ways to somehow find relaxation right in our own home. Chances are, if you find a koi pond in an outdoor space at a home here in Singapore, dwellers

Should Buyers Rely on Thread Counts When Purchasing a Bed Linen?

For quite some time, beds adorned with deluxe linen and sheets became synonymous with luxury sleeping experience. But new reports claimed that buying bedding accessories with higher thread count does not mean that you are getting better