5 Useful Apps that You Should Use in Singapore

Are you travelling to Singapore or are you planning to stay there for a while? Well, in this techy age, we have also improved our ways by which we can connect to a place, the people and

8 Things About Singapore Gaming Industry

1.  The Media Development Authority of Singapore had plans of granting S$14.6 million three-year fund to Game+ Program in 2010. Game+ Program is a government initiative aiming towards breaking through the international gaming scene via providing financial

Top 3 Singapore Extreme Sports

Singaporeans are naturally inclined on engaging in active lifestyle activities and it has become evident with the abundance of sports and recreational facilities available for everyone’s use – both local and foreign. The locals, in general, participate

Marina Bay Sands Architecture

No one would ever be able to avoid the beauty looming near about the Merlion statue. The weirdly-designed building with three towers and a big boat at the top asks for any visitor’s attention. It is simply

Peranakan Cuisine

A Malay word that means “locally born”, Peranakan is a unique culture that historically dates back from the 15th and 16th centuries – the years when many traders from the southern regions of China immigrated to Singapore

6 Signature Singaporean Food

Nothing says Singapore like a good food trip to fill the stomach. Once you’ve tried Singapore, you must certainly try their cuisine and taste a little of what Singapore has to offer. Here’s a list of dishes

Singapore Essential Guide

Planning a trip to Singapore? Here’s a list that you should take note of before you pack your bags and take your flight to the Little Red Dot, or the home of the Merlion. Entry Requirements Citizens

What are WSQ Courses in Singapore

A lot of people nowadays are already thinking about preparing for their future. Part of thai is thinking about the courses they should take in college that will help them prepare for their dream jobs. We cannot

So You Need Aircon Repair in Singapore?

Summer is almost around the corner and we know that we can expect that the temperature is going to be a bit higher compared to the previous months. And of course, when this happens, you might need

Giving Out Personalised Corporate Gifts Singapore and Other Ways to Succeed in a Corporate Setting

When it comes to following their destiny, carving their name in the pages of history as well as living their life to the fullest with no regrets whatsoever because they pursued their passion and chased after their

Amazing Ways for Men to Relax and Relieve Some Stress

For dutiful husbands and loving fathers out there, there is nothing for satisfying and noble than providing for the needs of their wives and children because these are the important people who matter most in their life

A Brief Guide to Recruitment Agencies

It still stands as a question. Are recruitment agencies really worth the cost? Understandably, finding a job involves difficulties and in some cases, result to frustration. Yet many job-seekers are reluctant to contract the services of recruitment

How Do You Define a Quality Mattress?

It’s that time of the year again that we can define as a good bed weather. All of us would just want to skip school or work and just stay at home, sleep in, and relax. Just

Tips in Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gift

The season of gift-giving is here once again and you are probably on the hunt for the perfect and affordable custom made gifts you can distribute to your clients and stakeholders—a little something perhaps, to thank them

Good Reasons to Rent a Car in Singapore

In Singapore, CTE, KPE, PIE always jam during the morning rush. With Singapore’s current economic stability, this might not be so surprising. For many people, having a car is not for luxury anymore, it is a requirement


Self-righteous who think that they are better than everybody else, subscribe to the idea and notion that money is the root of all evil and that it cannot buy true happiness. While it is true that the

Separation and Treatment of Oil and Water

Oil water separator, an equipment in which is used for separating oil and water mixtures into their own respective components.  It is important because it is used to ensure that water disposal overboard are within the legal